AR-News: UK - Many 'organic' foods contain GM ingredients, claims study

Orville A Knudsen oak at
Mon Feb 9 18:57:23 EST 2004

Many 'organic' foods contain GM ingredients, claims study


A wide range of organic or health food products on sale in the UK contain
traces of genetically modified (GM) ingredients, according to a study due
to be published in April.

Professor Mark Partridge and Professor Denis Murphy, from the
biotechnology unit at the University of Glamorgan, UK, tested 25 products
containing soya using an EU approved method for detecting traces of GM

They found that 10 of the 25 samples tested positive for traces of GM
ingredients, even though eight of the positive samples had been labelled
'GM free' or 'organic'. Four of the products that showed traces of GM were
above the UK Soil Association's limit for organic food, including one
vegetarian sausage mix which contained 0.7 per cent GM soya.

'We have recently observed that many soya products now carry 'GM free' or
'organic' labels, both of which imply an absence of GM ingredients in
these foods,' said Professor Murphy. 'However, most of the soya now
produced in the world comes from GM varieties.


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