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MOUNT VERNON — In November 2002 a task force was established to develop a 
national tracking system for the nation’s livestock. With the discovery of a case 
of mad cow disease late last year, a national, uniform tracking system is 
more important than ever.
The goal of the United States Animal Identification Plan is to protect the 
health of the national herd by identifying animals exposed to disease and, once 
a disease has been identified, stop the spread of the disease. The ultimate 
goal is to be able to track and contain a disease within 48 hours.
The idea of a tracking system is nothing new, however. According to local 
cattleman Marwood Hallett, tracking systems started being developed about 20 
years ago, with the idea of keeping track of and working toward the elimination of 
particular diseases.
“As these diseases have been eradicated, the ID system kind of fell apart 
because they weren’t mandated for everything,” said Hallett. “In more recent 
times the thing that has given this impetus and revived it is the globalization 
of our world and globalization of livestock.

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