AR-News: (US NJ) Animal rights group upset Williams evidence barred

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Fri Feb 6 09:09:20 EST 2004

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said Thursday 
it was shocked that a state judge barred evidence that Jayson Williams killed 
his pet Rottweiler from being presented at his upcoming manslaughter trial. Dr. 
Stephanie LaFarge, director of the ASPCA's Counseling Services department, 
said research clearly shows that people who intentionally kill or injure animals 
are inclined to be violent toward people. 
Williams, the retired New Jersey Nets center whose trial is to begin next 
week, shot the dog, Zeus, at his estate in Alexandria Township after losing a 
bet, according to a sworn statement given by a witness, Hunterdon County 
Assistant Prosecutor Katharine L. Errickson disclosed in court Wednesday. 

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