AR-News: (US UT) Activists, officials battle over stray bison

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Fri Feb 6 08:55:58 EST 2004

BILLINGS, Mont. -- Montana livestock officials on Thursday began preparing to 
capture bison that leave Yellowstone National Park and enter the state near 
West Yellowstone. 
    The preparations, which included constructing pens, immediately sparked 
criticism from conservationists who say the move signals the state's intention 
to slaughter more of the beasts. 
    But Karen Cooper, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Livestock, 
said Thursday that officials just want to be prepared for bison that leave the 
park and cannot be hazed back. 
    "If it's needed, we're ready to go," she said. 
    Ted Fellman, a spokesman for the Buffalo Field Campaign, said the 
facility being constructed will make it easier for state officials to capture the 
    "And if they can capture them, it's not too hard to slaughter them," he 

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