AR-News: (US SD) Hunting license transfer bill fails

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Thu Feb 5 19:09:07 EST 2004

Associated Press
PIERRE, S.D. - The state House rejected a bill 40-30 on Thursday that would 
have allowed the transfer of some hunting licenses on a trial basis in up to 
six West River counties.
Opponents have argued that the measure, HB1160, was pushed by those who want 
to see an expansion of pay hunting. However, sponsors of the bill said it 
would compensate some landowners for losses caused by wildlife that eat or damage 
crops and pastures.
The bill would give one additional hunting license to some landowners. To 
remove doubts that landowners may take advantage of the program to sell those 
licenses to rich out-of-state hunters, it was changed Thursday to allow the 
transfer but not sale of the extra licenses.

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