AR-News: (US UT) DWR posts $1,000 reward in Emery elk slaughter

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Thu Feb 5 14:52:06 EST 2004

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources conservation officer Carl Gramlich runs a 
metal detector over one of eight elk illegally killed in Emery County, 
looking for bullets to use as evidence. (Utah Division of Wildlife Resources) 
    Editor's note: This collection of poaching convictions and investigations 
is provided by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR). 
   Elk slaughter 
    Acting on a tip from the Help Stop Poaching hot line, Division of 
Wildlife Resources officials headed to an area five miles south of Ferron and one 
mile west of state Route 10 in Emery County on Jan. 30. 
    Conservation officers found eight dead elk -- one spike bull and seven 
cows or calves -- shot and left to rot. A reward of $1,000 is being offered for 
information leading to the arrest and conviction of the responsible party. 
Call officer Mike Milburn at 435-636-0277 with details on this case. 

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