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ECU students and faculty are jumping on the Atkins diet bandwagon to lose
weight fast.

As the trend continues, people hear more success stories supporting the plan. 
"We try to offer enough of a variety of stuff to have available for
Atkins, vegetarian or any other diet," said Kazda.
Campus Dining Services are always looking for new ideas and listen to
every request.

Lamond said many students have requested healthier items including
soymilk. For the past two years, soymilk has been used in the frozen
yogurt at dining halls, and is now available upon request.

Dining services will introduce a Nutrition Nook where all health food will
be organized into one section in the retail shops. For those on Atkins,
there will be more choices including fruit cups with yogurt made from
soymilk available.

To eat healthier on campus, you should look for the AFF sticker, but avoid
starches if following a low carbohydrate diet.

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