AR-News: (CA) fire destroys poultry plant

Mary Finelli hello_itz_me at
Wed Feb 4 12:22:02 EST 2004

A massive fire destroys a Canadian poultry-processing plant.

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A fire wrecked the Lilydale Poultry processing plant in Edmonton, Alberta, 
Canada throwing more than 300 employees out of work. According to one 
report, the fire was confined to half of the plant but the damage was 

Sixty firefighters battled the blaze as temperatures have dipped well below 
minus-30-degress C, not counting the wind chill, forcing crews to fight the 
elements as well as huge fires. A company official said about 20 to 25 
workers were in the plant when flames broke out around 5 a.m. No injuries 
were reported.

The blaze forced the evacuation of about 30 blocks around the south-end of 
the building, while fire crews worried the flames would rupture an ammonia 
tank and vats of canola oil. The fire started in the part of the plant where 
oil is heated and then circulated to cook food.

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