AR-News: (UK) Border-terrier dog swallows 2" fishing hook, survives

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Wed Feb 4 08:51:30 EST 2004

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A border-terrier cheated death after bizarrely swallowing a two inch fishing hook which got stuck in his stomach. 

Stunned vets in Shropshire were forced to perform a two-hour operation to remove the metal spike from the body of three-year-old Chard. 

They stumbled across the deadly hook after the terrier's owner Sandra Hardy took the dog the vets with a length of fishing line hanging out of his mouth. 

But when they X-rayed the animal, they were shocked to find the outline of the large hook embedded in his stomach. 

The lucky mutt is now recovering at home in Llangollen, in Wales after being saved by the Brownlow veterinary centre in Ellesmere, Shrops. 

Vet Julia Bateman said she believed the dog had swallowed the hook after eating a rabbit, which had the object attached to its leg. 

She added: "The owners were very prompt and brought him in straightaway. We saw the dog and X-rayed him. 

"Unfortunately we had to go in through the chest to get it out, it was fairly complicated surgery. 

"Several hours later we finished and Chard has not looked back, he has done extremely well. 

"Obviously with that sort of surgery there is a risk of complications post-op but touch wood he has been okay." 

Chard's owner Sandra said she feared her pet dog would die after she was told he had swallowed the hook. 

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