AR-News: (US-al) Bold Billboard Ruffles Feathers in the Heart of the Valley

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Tue Feb 3 00:40:02 EST 2004

Bold billboard: a national organization uses poultry to make its point.

Some people in the Heart of the Valley chalked it up as a prank, others
were just plain offended and even more people thought PETA's message using
a gun-toting chicken saying, "If the Cow Doesn't Get You, I Might!" was a
bit extreme.

The billboard is on Memorial Parkway in Huntsville, about one mile south
of Airport Road, facing south.

"It looks like PETA's making a statement, looks like they are trying to
get your attention, it seems they have gotten mine," said Arab resident
JoAnne Towne. 

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals contends the best way
Americans can protect themselves from meat-related diseases like
salmonella or Mad Cow disease--is to adopt a vegetarian diet. The group's
brand new billboard supports their message that no meat is safe to eat,
they hope drivers will take note.

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