AR-News: (US WY) More Than 30 Dogs Seized

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Sun Feb 1 14:10:11 EST 2004

More than 30-dogs, some sick, were seized from a house in Wyoming County 
Saturday. The homeowner is wanted by police on animal cruelty charges. 
The dogs  were taken from the Wyoming County home of John Tannis, who 
authorities say has a history of animal cruelty. Humane society officers tell us a 
man taking care of Tannis' home, turned the dogs in.  
Back in 19-96, police say Tannis admitted to animal cruelty charges in 
Lackawanna County. And just this past October, humane officers pulled more dogs from 
his home. Police right now are looking for Tanis on new charges.  
 Some of the dogs are now being kept at the Humane Society near Clarks 

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