AR-News: (UK) Wildlife project sparks tree worry

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Wed Jan 28 09:00:25 EST 2004

A prominent councillor raises concerns over plans to chop down 'symbol of 

A project to attract rare animal species by the RSPB has come under fire over 
fears it will destroy a key feature of the Sandy skyline.

Peter Blaine is very concerned at the project to restore Sandy Warren to 
heathland over the next decade as it will see large areas of woodland torn down.

The RSPB bought the land next to their Mid Beds national headquarters at The 
Lodge in June after raising £560,000.

The project aims to create one of the rarest wildlife habitats in the county 
home to rare birds, insects and toads.

The RSPB says many of the pine trees are too dense and are stopping plant and 
therefore animal life from flourishing.

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