AR-News: (US ID) Cougar reported in Southeast Boise

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Tue Jan 27 07:08:25 EST 2004

The Idaho StatesmanCougars are becoming a fact of life in Boise. 
That became apparent early Sunday morning when Idaho Statesman newspaper 
carriers spotted what they are sure was a cougar in a subdivision off South 
ParkCenter Boulevard. 
Idaho Fish and Game has recorded about 30 sightings in Southwest Idaho over 
the past year, the first year the agency has kept track of cougar reports. 
The large predators, also called mountain lions, are following deer and elk 
to lower elevations and that puts them in direct contact with urban life, 
wildlife officials say. 
Just ask Dusty Demond. 
“We saw paw prints everywhere. It was kind of weird, and we both got freaked,”
 said Demond, a newspaper carrier who was delivering papers on doorsteps with 
her husband, Kyle, about 4 a.m. Sunday.

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