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They may be pests to you, but on Africa's grasslands they improve the soil, 
provide lookouts for cheetahs - and make a tasty snack

By Laurie Toupin 

It's party time on the savanna! Right about now, millions of winged termites 
are taking to the air. It's the same every year: They fly around for a few 
minutes, land, pair off, mate, and begin digging a new colony of termites. 
Termites aren't the only ones celebrating. So are the local wildlife - and 
"The sky is black with thousands of black kites coming in to feast on the 
termites," says Scott Turner, an associate professor of biology at the State 
University of New York. Dr. Turner has studied African termites for 20 years. He 
never tires of seeing the flight of the termite mating swarms.

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