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Dear Lists,

The 2 (two !!) chimpanzees will not be "fine" in China! Since when are TWO chimpanzees known to be "fine" when in 2004 everyone (should) have enough information and knowledge that chimpanzees live in social groups and not in pairs! We ought to keep chimpanzees in social groups or are we heading back to the good old stone age? How can two chimpanzees serve "conservation and educational purposes" ? 
Well, I guess stamp collections do, so I agree, this "friendly donation" will definitely "win great publicity and attract a favourable rather than negative image about Uganda and Africa at large." 
We cannot let this happen!

- ChimpyMike

Shirley McGreal wrote:

  The New Vision 
  Kampala, Uganda 
  26 January 2004 


  The chimps will be fine in China 

  SIR, I wish to clarify some issues raised in your article of January 22 entitled "Chimps to China." 

  The story contains some inaccuracies. The chimps donation involved friendly consultations by the Uganda Wildlife Authority, the Ministry of Tourism, trade and Industry, the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, and Entebbe municipal council which is twinned with Changsha City in China. 

  The donation is two and not three chimps as reported. It was mutually agreed that the donation procedures will conform to the relevant international convention and practices. The agreement was fair and transparent. 

  The chimps will be kept in a specially located four-hectare home in Changsha City with modern facilities within the Changsha Ecosystem Park. 

  The park, covering 200 hectares, is home to 5000 animals, 300 of which live in a wildlife protective natural ecosystem similar to the wildlife conservation centre in Uganda. The chimps are not going to be kept in tiny zoo cages as reported. We fully understand the concern of the Ugandan wildlife conservation groups. In fact, the Entebbe City delegation headed by Entebbe's mayor, Stephen Kabuye, visited the park last and is well acquainted with its modern ecosystem. Moreover, in line with the requirements from Uganda, Changsha Park is required to sign an agreement soon to confirming that the donated animals will be raised only for conservation and educational purposes rather than for trade, circus activities or any other form of abuse. A videotape about Changsha's ecosystem will also be attached. China and Uganda enjoy very strong friendship in terms of political solidarity, economic and trade ties and other fields. However, due to the distance, their citizens still remain ignorant of each other in many aspects. In this sense, the two chimps will serve as goodwill ambassadors for Uganda to the Chinese people and enable the Chinese to know more about Uganda. such a friendly donation will be widely covered by the Chinese media and win great publicity and attract a favourable rather than negative image about Uganda and Africa at large. China is, by no means, against the wishes of President Yoweri Museveni and his vision of promoting Uganda's tourism. 

  It is on record that Uganda has requested China to enlist her as a destination of group tourists. With the arrival of the Chinese, Uganda's income from tourism will be boosted. This will in turn help preserve the endangered species better. 

  Li Qiangmin 
  Ambassador of the People's Republic of China 

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