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Mon Jan 26 13:28:48 EST 2004

An update on the anti spay-neuter efforts tubal/vasectomy scheme that has  
long associations with zoophilia/bestiality. For background information and  
older evidence


FWD on behalf of Michele Tarvan -

In regard to Dontspay

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<A HREF=""></A>

In light of the profound evidence of the bestial connection between the 
Dontspay list, along with list moderator, Barbara Biel's, refusal to remove known 
zoophiles from said list after their presence was brought to her attention, it 
is my conclusion that "Dontspay" and its efforts remain bestiality related. 

As such, the ASAIRS alert informing veterinarians, rescue and shelter groups 
and animal rights activists will resume mailing. 

 As those of you who have been following the happenings of this group may 
already be aware, the Dontspay list is no longer public, however, all data has 
been archived and is available on request. 

 For further information please email me at <A HREF="mailto:asairs at">
asairs (AT)</A> or 
<A HREF="mailto:MicheleTarvan at">MicheleTarvan (AT)</A> 

Michele Tarvan - 


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Mike Rolland
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