AR-News: (US WA) CBS Charged w/ Political Favoritism on Issue Ads

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Fri Jan 23 07:10:02 EST 2004

WASHINGTON - January 22 - CBS Television and its parent company Viacom are 
guilty of political favoritism in its selective enforcement of network policies 
governing advertising around the Super Bowl, charged today.
CBS notified the Voter Fund that it will not allow the winning 
spot from the organization’s recent “Bush in 30 Seconds” TV ad contest to be 
aired during the annual football extravaganza, which is expected to draw 130 
million viewers in the U.S. and a billion worldwide. The network claims to have a 
long-standing policy against running issue ads that may be controversial.
According to trade sources, an issue ad by the White House Office of National 
Drug Control Policy will be aired during the football game – but not the MOVF 
ad, “Child’s Pay,” which focuses on the ballooning federal deficit. An ad 
from People for Ethical Treatment of Animals also was rejected. Previous White 
House anti-drug ads broadcast during the Super Bowl stirred controversy by 
linking drug use to support for international terrorism.

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