AR-News: Contractor littered with calls for rescued cat

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Fri Jan 23 07:03:31 EST 2004

About 70 people have asked Dimeo Construction about adopting the young male 
feline that was trapped in a wall for a week. 
01:00 AM EST on Friday, January 23, 2004 
PROVIDENCE -- The cat rescued after being stuck in a wall for a week in the 
Burgess Building should have no trouble getting a new home.
What it needs now is an agent.
About 70 people called Dimeo Construction to ask about adopting the animal 
after the cat's plight was reported in yesterday's Journal, said David 
Canzonieri, a laborer on the Dimeo renovation project in the downtown Providence 
Burgess Building.
The affectionate and energetic male cat is currently at the Rhode Island 
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, in East Providence, for a 10-day 
quarantine to be sure he's OK for adoption, said SPCA Director E.J. Finocchio.
"We named him Wally," he said, "because he was found in a wall."

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