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However, the FDA has acknowledged that it will explore animal-welfare issues. 
Research has shown that the cloning process severely affects the genetic 
makeup of animals and can cause clones to suffer. The Humane Society of the United 
States, for one, is deeply concerned about the ethical implications of 
"Deaths and deformities in cloned animals are the norm, not the exception, 
and these studies make plain once again that these creatures are suffering 
terribly in the process," says Wayne Pacelle, senior vice president of HSUS. "There 
is no societal value to this. This is just science run amok in the service of 
the further industrialization of agriculture."
The main method of cloning involves taking the nucleus from a cell of the 
animal to be cloned and placing it in an egg that has had its nucleus removed. A 
University of Missouri study on cloned pigs, according to HSUS, reported that 
"out of 10 born, 5 died or were destroyed by researchers due to defects such 
as heart failure, lameness, and anemia."
Jorge Piedrahita and researchers at North Carolina State University's College 
of Veterinary Medicine announced last month that they had cloned two Duroc 
pigs. "Certain genes were dis-regulated or damaged," Mr. Piedrahita reported.
GRADE-A BEEF? Cloned calves graze on a research farm in Souix City, Iowa. The 
infant farm cloning industry is chomping at the bit to commercialize its 

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"The world is a dangerous place,
not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.",
Albert Einstein

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Male meat-eaters have a 50% chance of dying of a heart attack. Vegetarian men 
have a 4% risk. US vegetarians have cholesterol levels 14% lower than 
meat-eaters; vegans (those who don't consume meat or dairy products) have levels 35% 
lower. JAMA, 1995;274:894

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