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Animal pathologists inDavis on front lines of mad cow fight
Sacramento Bee, Jon Ortiz, January 15, 2004

The cow heads come plastic-wrapped in cardboard boxes from nervous ranchers 
and dairy farmers, shuttled by speedy courier to a red-roofed building on 
the northeastern edge of the UC Davis campus. There, behind heavy security 
doors labeled "BIO HAZARD," animal pathologists in blue surgical scrubs 
dissect the bloody cargo on stainless steel tables that look as though they 
came off the set of the television show "CSI." The pathologists' mission: 
find the telltale "Swiss cheese" holes that form in the brain stems of cows 
with the rare malady that's been in the national spotlight -- mad cow 

The state Department of Food and Agriculture lab at the University of 
California, Davis, is one of a dozen U.S. facilities that are part of the 
national detection system for bovine spongiform encephalopathy. The 
pathologists, who work for the Davis-based California Animal Health and Food 
Safety Laboratory System, see an average of one suspicious cow case every 10 

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