AR-News: (US MT) Outdoors just for kids: First winter tough test for wildlife

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Thu Jan 15 07:40:56 EST 2004

Mark Henckel
Gazette outdoor editor 
Winter is the last - and perhaps the biggest - hurdle for young wildlife. 
The entire first year of life is a challenge for birds, small animals and big 
ones. Predators make the most of the small size and inexperience of the 
young. Weather events like hail and floods take others. Accidents take even more. 
But winter might be the toughest test of all. Young animals put a lot of the 
energy they get from the food they eat into growth. As a result, they aren't 
able to store as much body fat as adults. They're also not as big and strong as 
adults. Finally, they don't know as much as adults do. They don't have the 

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