AR-News: (US MT) Wyoming stymies wolf delisting

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By The Helena IR - 01/15/04
Walk into any bar or café in ranch country, mention the need to reintroduce 
wolves, and watch the temperature fall. Ranchers really don't like the 
Their hate affair dates back to the late 1800s, when hunting had nearly 
exterminated deer populations in the West, causing starving wolves to attack 
livestock with a vengeance. The solution: exterminate the wolves.

Tales of frenzied wolf assaults have been passed down from ranch parents to 
ranch children ever since, and few can understand why anyone would want to 
reintroduce the predators. But not only have they been brought back to sustainable 
numbers in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming, wolves are plentiful enough to be 
taken off the Endangered Species Act list. 

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