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Jan 14 2004

It was the foul stench and the flies which alerted neighbours that something 
was wrong.
But Joanne Payne didn't have a rotting corpse in the back yard of her 
Coventry home - she had let her two pet dogs foul outside her back door and had not 
cleaned it up.
Now she has become the first person in the city to be prosecuted for not 
clearing up the mess made by her pet dogs in her own garden.
So much dog waste accumulated that neighbours in Nicholls Street, Hillfields, 
made several complaints to Coventry City Council animal welfare officers 
about the smell and flies.
They visited Payne and served a notice on her to clean it up. When she didn't 
they charged her with causing a statutory nuisance, by smell and flies, under 
environ-mental protection legislation.

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