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Wed Jan 14 08:31:52 EST 2004

If you made a 2004 resolution to eat more vegetables, you might be even
more convinced it's a good idea with recent concerns about beef and farmed

The latest mad cow scare is a long way from the consumer, and federal
authorities assure us the meat we're offered is safe, not to mention a
good protein buy. And the study published last week about contaminants in
farm-raised salmon has been called unnecessarily alarmist, given that
federal health authorities, who know the levels of pollutants in fish, say
these are minimal, decreasing year by year, and not deserving of a
consumption warning.

Nevertheless, the prevailing nutritional advice is to up our intake of
veggies and fruits, maybe not to the exclusion of meat but certainly to
the point we eat from five to 10 servings of these healthy foods daily.

The problem for some may be how to make meatless cuisine interesting.

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