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Wed Jan 14 01:26:48 EST 2004

[from Palm Beach Post]

With so many injectable collagen products on the market, you may not be
concerned about -- or even know -- what is used to make your brand.

Plumpers that are placed in the human face to fill in wrinkles may contain
ingredients made from human cells, but they also can be cow- or pig-based.

Did we say cow? Yes. There are two products on the market, Inamed's Zyderm
and Zyplast, that contain a highly purified form of collagen made from cow

Since the mad cow scare, consumers are becoming more aware of how many
products, beyond your average burger, may be derived from cow.

To counteract any concern, Inamed produced a detailed fact sheet. It says,
and I haven't heard differently, that no human variant of mad cow disease
-- Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease -- has ever been reported among the estimated
2 million people who use Zyderm and Zyplast.
These people must not be watching or reading the same news reports as
Bruce Friedrich, a spokesman for People for the Ethical Treatment of
Animals, who claims viewing of "abused" animals would turn everybody

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