AR-News: Canada orders $92.1 million to fight mad-cow disease

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Canada orders $92.1 million to fight mad-cow disease
Over the next five years, the Canadian government will expand testing and 
tracking processes to increase international confidence in the safety of 
Canadian beef.
Toronto Globe and Mail; Jan. 11

Mad cow scare cuts into Utah exporter's business
While domestic sales of beef are holding steady, beef exporters, such as 
Salt Lake City's Parker International, have been hit hard by international 
bans on U.S. beef; last year the company derived nearly half of its income 
from international sales.
Salt Lake Tribune; Jan. 11

Montana beef packers have 'zero tolerance' for downer cows
Stillwater Packing Co. has rigorous self-imposed requirements that allow it 
to track every pound of beef processed; its owners are "flabbergasted" that 
the Washington cow diagnosed with mad cow disease ever made it through the 
door of the processing plant.
Billings Gazette; Jan. 11

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