AR-News: WA Residents - Help Ban Private Possession of Exotics

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Mon Jan 12 08:14:56 EST 2004

Animal Protection Institute
Action Alert

--Washington Residents ONLY­

2004 Hearing scheduled on HB 1151 –

Bill to ban private ownership of wild and exotic animals

The Animal Protection Institute (API), in conjunction with the Progressive 
Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) will again be working in Olympia to bring 
about passage of House Bill 1151, legislation that would ban the private 
possession of wild and dangerous animals, such as tigers, cougars, lions, 
bears, wolves, alligators and non-human primates. Washington is one of 
sixteen states that currently have no regulations prohibiting private 
ownership of wild exotic animals.  With all the recent news around the 
tragedy of keeping these animals as “pets,” it’s time to pass this bill in 

HB 1151 has been granted a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee on 
Friday, January 16, 2004 at 1:30pm in House Hearing Room B in the (John L. 
O’Brien Building).  Please try to attend the hearing!

It’s important that we have a strong show of support for HB 1151.  NOW is 
the time to contact your Representatives and let them know that this bill 
needs to pass THIS YEAR!   If our elected officials do not hear from us, 
this important legislation to protect animals will fail.

If you do not know yet who represents you, go to 
<>  Click on Find Out Who Represents 
You/District Finder.  Enter your address and you will be given the names of 
your Legislators.  You can click directly onto your Representatives name 
and then at the next screen, you will find their email address and phone 
number in Olympia.  Or, you can call the Toll-Free Legislative Hotline at 
1-800-562-6000 and give the operator your address - they will tell you who 
your Senator and 2 Representatives are.

If you can also contact the members of the Judiciary committee, that would 
be great.  Please call, fax or email them today and ask them to please 
support HB 1151.  Don’t forget to tell them that you are a Washington State 
resident.  If you can only make one contact from this committee, please 
write the Chair of the Committee, Representative Pat Lantz.

IMPORTANT:  If the following legislators on Judiciary represent you, it is 
even more critical that you contact them today and urge them to support HB 
1151.  Don’t forget to tell them that you are a constituent if they 
represent you!  Remember:  Please be polite, many of our legislators DO 
support HB 1151!

House Judiciary Committee members:

Representative Pat Lantz, Chair                        Representative Tom 
T: (360) 786-7964                                           T: (360) 786-7912
F: (360) 786-7317                                           F: (360) 786-7018
<mailto:lantz_pa at>lantz_pa at 
<mailto:campbell_to at>campbell_to at

Representative Dennis Flannigan                       Representative Mike 
T: (360) 786-7930                                           T: (360) 786-7958
F: (360) 786-7317                                           F: (360) 786-1066
<mailto:flanniga_de at>flanniga_de at 
<mailto:carrell_mi at>carrell_mi at

Representative Jim Moeller                               Representative 
Daniel Newhouse
T: (360) 786-7872                                           T: (360) 786-7874
F: (360) 786-7317                                           F: (360) 786-1066
<mailto:moeller-ji at>moeller-ji at 
<mailto:newhouse_da at>newhouse_da<mailto:newhouse_da at> 

Representative Steve Kirby                               Representative 
Lois McMahan
T: (360) 786-7996                                           T: (360) 786-7802
F: (360) 786-7317                                           F: (360) 786-1066
<mailto:Kirby_st at>Kirby_st at 
<mailto:mcmahan-lo at>mcmahan-lo at

If you are able to attend the hearing, we would love to have you 
there.  You can sign up in support of the bill, you can testify for it, or 
you can just be a presence – all are very important!  If you can make the 
hearing, please call Tamar Puckett at (425) 742-4009 x257 or email her at 
<mailto:tamarp at>tamarp at and she can give you details.

For additional information or if you are interested in keeping up on the 
progress of this bill and help get it passed in 2004 please contact Nicole 
Paquette at <mailto:npaquette at>npaquette at

Thank you for advocating for animals by contacting your State Representatives!

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