AR-News: (US OH) More than 60 pit bulls fill dog pound

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Sun Jan 11 06:20:21 EST 2004

The number of pit bulls at the Lucas County dog pound is more than 60, 
filling its vicious-dog area after more than two dozen pit bulls were seized in two 
raids this week.

Toledo police Detective Doug Allen said a veterinarian will examine the pit 
bulls next week to determine if they have been involved in dog fighting. The 
dogs, most of which have scars that appear to be from fighting, were removed 
from three locations on Foster Avenue on Thursday. Police are investigating who 
owns the dogs. Only one had a license, which dated from 2002.

Police seized 28 pit bulls from the Foster locations. Police said one of 
those locations is owned by a man twice convicted of dog fighting. One of the pit 
bulls was euthanized after it was badly hurt during an attack by another pit 
bull on the way to the pound.

In the other raid Thursday, several thousand dollars were seized from a West 
Central Avenue location. Police said the raids were related to drug 
trafficking and dog fighting. Charges are pending.

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