AR-News: (US IL) Homeless animals get a helping hand

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Mon Jan 5 20:33:21 EST 2004

Petfinder is praised by MEHS
Thousands of homeless animals in Illinois now have an even better chance of 
being adopted thanks to the more than 200 animal shelters and placement groups 
registered with, the world's largest virtual animal shelter. The 
site can be accessed at 
Currently, there are 207 shelters and animal placement groups in Illinois 
registered with that potential pet parents can check out as they 
search for the perfect pet. was created in 1996 by Jared and Betsy Saul, a New Jersey 
couple who made a New Year's resolution to help homeless animals. This combined 
with a realization that the Internet possessed huge potential for spreading the 
word about homeless pets led to the founding of the Web site. 

full story:

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