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Saturday Jan 03 2004
John Ingham
Environment Editor

Blair accused over monkey lab

Tony Blair will next week be accused of abusing the planning system over
the Government's green light for a £32 million monkey research

The National Anti-Vivisection Society and Animal Aid are to launch a
High Court challenge to Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott's
controversial approval of the scheme.

He overruled his own planning inspector in November after Mr Blair
declared his support for the scheme.

Another prominent supporter is science minister Lord Sainsbury who has
personally bankrolled the Labour Party to the tune of £11.5 million.

The legal challenge will describe Mr Prescott's decision to reject the
planning inspector's advice as "perverse, unreasonable and unfair."

The Cambridge University lab will damage monkey's brains in pursuit of
cures for Parkinson's, Huntington's and other diseases. Animal welfare
groups argue that the experiments will be cruel, the results will have
no value for humans because monkeys have different brains and more
humane alternatives exist.

Mr Prescott backed the Green Belt scheme eve though the Inspector ruled
that Cambridge University had failed to show that was a 'national need'
for the laboratory.

The local authority has also twice rejected the plan.

The appeal will argue that Mr Blair's public support and letters from
Lord Sainsbury backing the lab influenced decision.

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