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He may have only eight lives left but this cameo-coloured cat still needs a 
The 4 1/2-month-old male cat survived a house fire a month ago but got 
separated from his owner in the process. The cat, which suffered singed fur and 
burns to his face and ears in the fire, was found by a member of the public and 
taken to the SPCA Animal Village in Mangere on December 3. 
His fur effectively melted in the fire, leaving his usually pretty coat 
feeling like plastic. The cat also lost his whiskers. 
He spent three weeks recuperating in the hospital at the Animal Village. 
The SPCA located the cat's owner, but the owner did not wish to pay the 
treatment costs, which left the pet without a home. 
This youngster is comfortable with other animals and folk of all ages. 
Picture / Glenn Jeffrey

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