AR-News: Louisiana plans retirement home for chimps

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Sat Jan 3 12:05:45 EST 2004

SHREVEPORT, La. (AP) -- Over-the-hill chimpanzees will soon spend their 
retirement years in a Louisiana old folks home.

Construction has begun on Chimp Haven, planned as the country's only preserve 
dedicated to chimps who have been retired as entertainers or as subjects of 
laboratory research. Up to 300 chimps will find themselves on 200 acres of 
grass and woods for foraging, climbing and monkeying around.

"A lot of young adult chimpanzees have been born in captivity, and a huge 
number have never walked on grass, climbed a tree or poked a stick in the mud," 
said Linda Brent, a behavioral primatologist and Chimp Haven's president. "They 
haven't had the stimulation they need to grow socially, and that will be part 
of what they'll need to learn at Chimp Haven."

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