AR-News: (US) Experts disagree on more action to protect beef supply

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Thu Jan 1 08:53:00 EST 2004

[from Philadelphia Inquirer]

WASHINGTON - Further steps can be taken to try to keep mad cow disease -
and even more prevalent deadly illnesses - out of the nation's beef
supply, but experts disagree on just how much more regulation is necessary.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture on Tuesday banned ill and injured
cattle from human food supplies, barred human consumption of older cows'
brains and spinal cords, and created regulations on the tracking, testing
and slaughtering of cattle. Nearly every food-safety expert lauded the
Consumer and food-safety groups called for even tougher tracking systems
than the one Veneman outlined Tuesday.

"You could easily have meat from 40 different cows in that [ground beef]
package by the time it gets to consumers," Mitchell said.

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