AR-News: Kerry Urges Livestock Inspection Changes

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Kerry Calls for Changes in Livestock Inspection Effort in Response to 
Discovery of Mad Cow Disease

The Associated Press

DES MOINES, Iowa Dec. 28 — Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry on 
Sunday proposed several changes to the system of monitoring livestock in 
response to the discovery of mad cow disease in the United States. 
Kerry's plan calls for a national tracking system, a sharp increase in the 
testing of cattle for the disease and an unspecified level of financial aid to 
farmers who stand to suffer as a result of the discovery.

Howard Dean, also campaigning in Iowa, called on the Department of 
Agriculture to implement immediately a number of measures to restore confidence in the 
U.S. beef industry.
Since the announcement that a now-slaughtered Holstein cow from Washington 
state was sick with mad cow disease, more than two dozen countries have halted 
imports of U.S. beef, valued at $3.4 billion a year.
"The current mad cow investigation underscores the urgent need for a national 
system to make diseased livestock easier to track and contain," Kerry, a 
Massachusetts senator, said in a statement.
Kerry said downed animals those too sick or injured to stand or walk 
unassisted that are being tested for the disease should not be processed until the 
results are known.

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