AR-News: (US IL) Who’s cruel?

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Fri Dec 26 22:54:12 EST 2003

Hey trappers, you guys must be doing good. The animal-rights wackos who make 
up the group PETA are planning protests at 20 theaters across the country. 
They are handing out anti-fur fliers to young’ns outside of performances of “The 
Nutcracker” titled “Your mommy kills animals.” It is the usual anti-fur 
drivel, with graphic photos misrepresenting the fur industry, and even includes a 
comic-book style leaflet showing a woman stabbing a rabbit with a knife. The 
caption reads: “Ask your mommy how many animals she killed to make her fur coat.

full story:

"The world is a dangerous place,
not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.",
Albert Einstein
My choice for fashion is compassion ... They need it more than we do."
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