AR-News: 12/25 I need help setting up mad cow talks

Michael Greger, M.D. mhg1 at
Thu Dec 25 21:51:04 EST 2003

I'm considering dropping everything I'm doing and committing to an 
emergency whirlwind national speaking tour in January given the 
current mad cow crisis. I'm hoping to hit all the major cities. I'm 
thinking some kind of major "town meeting" kind of public forums in 
which I'd invite the cattlemen to come debate. Kind of a "get all 
your questions about mad cow answered" sort of thing. I'm thinking 
people are confused enough and skeptical enough of the USDA line that 
it might be able to draw some big turnouts.

What I need, though, is responsible people on the ground to 
coordinate the talks--book the space, print fliers, get it in the 
local papers, promote it, publicize, get the press involved--all 
that. Now I may be able to put together some sort of press pack 
everyone can use, so it would just be a matter of sending the 
preprinted press releases around, following up, copying the 
preprinted fliers.  Anyone you know locally have the time and 
interest to help put something together like this?

I just want to keep this momentum going--the industry just wants this 
to disappear, but I think we got to just keep hammering them.  Would 
you mind asking around and seeing if you think it worthwhile for me 
to come to your city.
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