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LORI ASSA — The Daily Astorian
“City Boy” also known as “C.B.” is a fixture at the Cannon Beach City Hall. 
City councilors will be addressing if it’s appropriate to have animals in the 
city’s buildings. 

Cannon Beach tackles liability issue of city workers bringing pets to work
CANNON BEACH — City Boy loves his home at the Cannon Beach City Hall.

The light-colored feline visits city officials and attends every City Council 
meeting. And his friend, City Kitty, has resided near the city’s shop area 
for about 10 years. But is it appropriate to have an animal in any of the city’s 
public buildings?

That’s the question City Manager Peggy Coats is wrestling with, after Cannon 
Beach resident Charles Herndon expressed concern to the city council when he 
saw a dog in a public worker’s truck. Herndon was worried about liability 
issues, which “rightfully, he should be,” Coats said.

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