AR-News: (CA) Animal-rights activists condemn Ef ford’s seal coat

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Sun Dec 14 00:28:11 EST 2003

Natural Resources Minister John Efford attended his first cabinet meeting
Saturday wearing a seal-fur coat, and was promptly clubbed down by
animal-rights activists.

“They were hunted off Newfoundland 
 and the coat was made in St. John’s,”
Efford said, as he proudly modelled the silver-grey, thigh-length jacket.
“I think it’s a great industry in Newfoundland. I’ve promoted it for years
and years.”

But Rebecca Aldworth, seal campaigner for the International Fund for
Animal Welfare (IFAW), condemned the minister’s fashion choice.

“It’s in very bad taste,” said Aldworth, whose group numbers two million
worldwide. “He’s promoting the largest and cruelest slaughter of marine
mammals in the world.” 

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