AR-News: (OR - US) Man finds lost dog after 68 days and $21,000.

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December 4, 2003 
Man finds lost dog after 68 days

PORTLAND - A 68-day search for a man's best friend ends happily. 
Doug Baker spent nearly 21-thousand dollars searching for Fremont, his long-haired German Shepard. He also got advice from psychics and professional animal trackers. 

Going out on a tip, Baker and his girlfriend found Fremont trotting across the road about two miles from where he was last seen. 

Fremont was whimpering and in shock. 

Baker took the dog to the vet where he buried his face in the dog's body and began to cry with relief. 

Baker says he wouldn't have found Fremont if not for the hundreds of phone calls from people who read the story. 

Baker says he can now get on with life. He said he hasn't shaved since Fremont was gone. 

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