AR-News: US - Local man gets a new heart

Orville A Knudsen oak at
Thu Dec 4 13:36:51 EST 2003

Local man gets a new heart


A Shippensburg man who got a new heart the day before Thanksgiving says he
feels strong and could be home as early as Christmas.

Ra Kligge, 28, a self-employed graphic artist who operates "Modern Artisan
Media," says he's optimistic about the future after doctors at the Duke
University Medical Center in North Carolina replaced his ailing heart
muscle in transplant surgery Nov. 26.


Rob, now 29, got a new heart at the age of 19. He was among the family
members at Ra's bedside through the ordeal.

He's proud of the shape he's in.

"I'm in great shape," he says. "I have no physical limitations; I just
can't eat raw meat," he jokes.

Actually, he's a vegetarian and doesn't eat even cooked meat.

He sees a similar future for Ra.

"He's doing incredibly well," he says of his cousin. "He looks just like
himself, except with an IV in his arm."

Ra, too, eats no meat. He's been a vegan for nearly three years, which
means he eats no eggs or dairy products, either.

He thinks that gives him an advantage in his life with a new heart.

"I have a zero cholesterol intakes, so my arteries should be in great
shape," he says.


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