AR-News: (US) New law raises penalties for trespassing onto animal farms

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Tue Dec 2 16:26:28 EST 2003

LOS ANGELES - A new state law designed to shield animal farms from
protesters and protect the food supply from contagious diseases has drawn
the ire of activists, who say the law will inhibit their ability to
document cases of animal abuse.

The law proposed by state Sen. Charles Poochigian, R-Fresno, will make
trespassing on lands where animals are raised for human consumption a
misdemeanor punishable by six months in jail and/or a $1,000 fine.
Currently, someone who trespasses faces a citation and a $10 fine.

The law goes into effect Jan. 1.

This year, seven states considered bills to make so-called animal and
ecological terrorism subject to stiffer penalties, said Sandy Liddy Bourne
of the American Legislative Exchange Council. The bills are based on a
model legislation called "The Animal and Ecological Terrorism Act"
developed by Washington-based group.

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