AR-News: (TX) Dove Road project pushes wildlife into neighborhoods

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Star-Telegram Staff Writer

Workers are putting bridge supports in place as they extend Dove Road from 
Dove Loop Road to North Main Street in Grapevine.

GRAPEVINE - The gruff cacophony of construction equipment at Dove Road in 
Grapevine soon heralded other unfamiliar noises for Grapevine resident Lyn Murphy.
Growls. Snarls. Howls.
"I heard this clang, clang, clang and rushed outside," said Murphy, who lives 
about a block away from a portion of the $6.2 million Dove Road expansion 
project. "There were these baby raccoons washing their faces in the pool, and 
their mama was making all the noise trying to get into my barbecue."
Since the road construction began along the undeveloped land, raccoons are 
not the only visitors, she said. Murphy and some neighbors have seen an increase 
in other nocturnal callers, such as foxes and coyotes.
And she blames the road construction.
Dove Road is being extended from Dove Loop Road to North Main Street. The 
much-needed east-west main road will run through what is now a heavily wooded 
area, including almost 4 acres controlled by the Army Corps of Engineers, city 
officials said. The 16-month project is scheduled for completion by late 2004.
Murphy has not taken her concerns to city officials yet, but they probably 
would not be surprised. City engineers went to considerable effort to ensure 
that as little of the natural area is affected as possible, but some animals are 
going to be displaced with any construction project, city officials said.

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