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Sat Nov 29 19:15:04 EST 2003

From:  adinolf at (Lucille Adinolf, PhD, CEO,

TO:    Fellow New Yorkers, ALL US CITIZENS, and any Fans of Legal Freedom

Subject:   Rally for NYC  Bill of Rights Resolution

Create a NYC Bill of Rights =  HELP Protect the US Constitution

On December 2 at City Hall Park, New Yorkers will rally for Freedom.
Will you join us?

With our support, the City Council can pass Resolution 909 and
stand up for our constitutional rights before the legislative
session ends in three weeks.  John Ashcroft says that in order to
be safe, our liberty must be sacrificed.  New Yorkers know better.
Passing this resolution will be a wonderful testament to the
courage of New Yorkers and a bold rejection of the Bush
administration's underhanded use of fear for political gain.

Civil liberties and national security do not conflict.  Yet in
the name of fighting terrorism the administration rammed through
Congress the USA PATRIOT Act. And it continues to develop new ways
to violate our rights to privacy, due process, equal protection,
and First Amendment speech.

New York City now has a chance to fight back.  Resolution 909,
which is currently before the NYC Council, demands that government
officials defend and protect our fundamental rights and freedoms.
Three states and over 200 other communities have passed similar
resolutions; it's time for our city to act.

Join us on December 2 for this lunchtime rally for the Bill of
Rights.  Bring a sign if you can.  Let's tell the country and the
world that New Yorkers choose liberty over fear.

     Lunchtime Rally for the Bill of Rights
     Tuesday, December 2
     City Hall Park

     Nearby subway stops:
     N/R to City Hall
     6 to Chambers St
     J to Chambers St
     2/3 to Park Pl

This rally is sponsored by the Bill of Rights Defense Campaign.  For
details on Resolution 909 go to:

See you there.


-Eli Pariser,
   November 26, 2003

P.S.  If you haven't read or seen Al Gore's remarkable speech on
Freedom and Security, go to:

The New York Congressional Delegation supports 909, as well.
To see their letter of support, go to:

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