AR-News: Mont. bowhunter bitten by grizzly bear

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Sat Nov 29 22:53:50 EST 2003

Mont. bowhunter bitten by grizzly bear

Associated Press

KALISPELL, Mont. — A female grizzly bear charged, knocked down and bit a 
bowhunter that came between the bear and her cub Sunday, state Fish, 
Wildlife and Parks officials reported.

The man, whose name was not released by officials, was flown to Kalispell 
Regional Medical Center. His condition was not released.

The man was bowhunting with two friends about a half miles east of North 
Fork Road near Moran Creek when he ended up between the grizzly and her cub 
in thick brush, said Tim Manley, the state's grizzly bear management 
specialist in the Flathead.

"That's a very dangerous situation," Manley said. "She felt she had to 
defend her cub." The bear charged the man, knocked him down, bit him and 
took off, Manley said.

The two friends, who at the time of the mauling were about 70 yards away, 
called for help. Manley said the man was able to walk to the hospital 

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