AR-News: (VT) State Game Wardens On Lookout For Poachers

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Fri Nov 28 10:47:57 EST 2003

By SETH POWERS, Staff Writer
Friday November 28, 2003

NORTHEAST KINGDOM VT- Shots heard in a St. Johnsbury field the night of Nov. 
18 were reported to a state game warden who did a perfunctory search but found 

Fish and Wildlife Department Warden Dennis Amsden was back the next morning 
searching the area, off Severance Hill Road, for any sign of poaching.

Amsden says poaching -- the illegal taking of game -- is a problem in the 
Northeast Kingdom.

"I think we only get the tip of the iceberg," Amsden said. "However, we keep 
working hard."

He and others estimate there are as many deer poached each deer season as are 
legally shot. The reported deer kill in 2002 was 16,632.

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it's animals are treated." ...Mahatma Gandhi
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