AR-News: (US) Expert: Turkeys not stupid

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Thu Nov 27 09:24:11 EST 2003

PORTLAND, Ore. - The turkey, whose name has become synonymous with an
inept, dimwitted loser, is getting a bum rap, said an Oregon State
University poultry scientist.

While they may not be the sharpest arrows in the quiver, Tom Savage, a
professor of animal science, said the big birds aren't really dumb. Big,
yes. Ungainly? That, too. But dumb? Not so much.

Savage has studied turkeys and chickens for 30 years and said it's time
the birds get some respect. 
Savage did concede, though, that turkeys look stupid, especially when running.

This, he said, is because they have been bred to be heavy, meaty birds,
much larger than their sleeker wild cousins. It's the same reason they
stay on the ground when they flap their wings. 

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