AR-News: (OH) A Liberal's Thanksgiving

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Tue Nov 25 20:00:57 EST 2003

By Doug Hagin on 11/25/03
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Thanksgiving! It means so many things. Turkey, giving thanks, turkey, 
football, more turkey, time spent with family eating turkey, reflecting on the 
blessings in our lives and of course Maalox moments from all the turkey.

This most American holiday has so many wonderful traditions, yet many people 
have genuine difficulties during this day. Many of the traditions of 
Thanksgiving surely must be disturbing to certain Liberals. 

Surely this day must cause great offenses to those afflicted with perpetual 
offendeditis. So before we partake in our feasts let us take a somewhat 
sarcastic look at what Thanksgiving might mean to some way out Leftists. 

First off, naturally, must be the animal rights types who surely suffer great 
consternation during Thanksgiving. I mean come on! Thanksgiving is much to do 
with people, whom animal rights types loath, eating animals, which these same 
animal rights types love. 

Now of course no one with any decency supports cruelty to animals but in the 
real world the most important jobs turkeys have is to be on the table in time 
for Thanksgiving. To most people this makes perfect sense. But to a PETA 
member this is blasphemous! 

So every Thanksgiving animal rights types weep and gnash their teeth and 
curse all of us who eat these birds. While the rest of America is trying to 
justify that third piece of pecan pie while trying to stay awake for the Cowboys 
game, the PETA members are munching carrot sticks and crying for their departed 
turkey brothers. Now is this any way to enjoy a holiday? 
Then of course there are the radical feminists who must also surely despise 
this holiday. Think about your typical stone-faced, perpetually angry radical 
feminist and what they must surely suffer on this day. 

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You can easily judge the character of others by how they treat those who can 
do nothing for them, or to them."  (Malcolm Forbes, 1919-1990)
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