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Screensaver Jokes About Shooting Turkeys
Urge Computer Company to Promote Kindness to Animals, Not Killing

Mediaweave, a computer company based in Rhode Island, is distributing a 
"Turkey Shoot" screensaver that jokes about killing "worried turkeys" with 
three different weapons (dynamite, bow and arrow and a rifle) as a way to 
celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. Those who download the free screensaver 
"watch the turkey run around the screen, sweating and ducking behind the 
bushes."  An interactive game version where the computer owner can actually 
kill the turkey, with sound effects, is also available for a fee.

Sure, it's only a computer game, but this is the type of game that teaches 
children, and adults for that matter, that violence against animals is 
acceptable and even something to be laughed about. Tell Mediaweave that 
they're sending out the wrong Thanksgiving message by distributing this 
screensaver and urge them to immediately stop distribution. They should be 
promoting kindness to animals, not killing, with their products. Remind 
them that It would give them a better business image and it would be a true 
Thanksgiving celebration if they released a more humane product.


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