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This is from a person living in this horrific nightmare.

Did you know that:

In Spain, after the hunting season, the dogs are hung by their owners in a 
tree. Their death is slow and painful. Why would they kill their faithful 
Because this is a "cultural tradition" or "old custom" in Spain and because 
of bad laws the European Union allows this to happen!

Did you know that:

In many villages and towns in Spain they organise Fiesta's (feast) to honour 
the name day of a certain Saint (like the fiesta held in honour of San 
Fermin in Pamplona).
In many of these Fiesta's the released bulls are chased in the streets by a 
crowd with sticks, whips and knifes. Ones the bull is surrounded by the 
villagers, it is tortured, most of the time until death. Legs are broken, 
the very sensitive horns are hit off, tails are ripped off etc.

Here are some of the "Fiesta":

"Toros de Fuego"  (Fire Bulls) held in Medinacelli (Soria)

This particular savagery consists in putting a kind of ball of pitch on both 
the horns of the bulls and setting fire to the balls (sometimes fireworks 
are used). The bulls are then released on the streets. These balls burn for 
hours, burning the horns, body and eyes, causing terrible suffering.
Several times the bulls try to kill themselves against walls, due to the 
horrible pain.

"Toros Enmaromado" (Bull with ropes) held in Benavente (Zamora)

The bull is bound with ropes and dragged all over the village till he dies 
of exhaustion or by the cutting of his throat.

"El toro de Vega" (Bull of Vega)

This so called popular fiesta consists in chasing a bull with spears all 
over the village sticking them into his body until his death. Since the 
crowd think that the torture is not enough, they cut off his testicles while 
he is still alive.

"El toro de Coria" (Bull of Coria)

The bull walks and runs for hours in the streets while people throw darts at 
him. The men are aiming for the more sensitive parts of it's body like the 
nose, eyes and testicles. When he is too tired and weak from loss of blood 
to continue the escape, the villagers cut off his testicles while he is 
still alive.

The lists goes on and on and on......

Because these are "cultural traditions" or "old customs" in Spain and 
because of bad laws the European Union allows this to happen!

Sometimes donkeys or other animals are used for the "entertainment".

Did you know that:

The bullfight organisers in Spain, Portugal and France say that it is a 
noble and beautiful way for the bull to die in an arena. They say it is an 
art and that it is beautiful for the "respected, loved and privileged" bull 
to die while the crowd is cheering and applauding!

If you love and respect these living creatures why would you:

give the bulls very salty water before the game to weaken them with 
cut up the horns very carefully(not to show) to the nerve so that the bull 
loses it's co-ordination during the game (very painful)
put prickly glycerine into the eyes
give him drugs to keep it calm
give him, if he is too calm, electric shocks to it's testicles
hit him very hard on the kidneys to weaken him (bags with sand are used, 
they don't leave any scars) before the game
keep the bulls for hours in boxes in full sun where they only can stand  
before the game

Then in the arena the bull is sadistically tortured to death with spears 
that cut like razors, hooks, sword and harpoons. Indeed a very  "privileged" 
way to die!! Because this is a "cultural tradition" or "old custom" the 
European Union allows this to happen!

Did you know that:

It's common that the horses  used during a bullfight get deeply wounded by 
the horns of the bulls, loosing their intestines and consequently dying. The 
horses, by nature are very frightened of the bulls, scream, so the vocal 
cords of these horses are cut, because the crowd doesn't want to hear the 
horse scream. It does happen that the horse which has been ripped open by 
the bull, is stitched up without anaesthetics and put back in the arena for 
the next fight.

Did you know that:

The breeders of the special bulls used for bullfights get subsidies from the 
European Union. Many of the European citizens don't know this is happening 
and for all the European Union citizens (the majority) who are strongly 
against these barbaric games to know where their tax money is going to is 
very frustrating!

You can easily judge the character of others by how they treat those who can 
do nothing for them, or to them."  (Malcolm Forbes, 1919-1990)
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