AR-News: (Australia) NT examines plan to allow croc hunting

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Mon Nov 24 19:21:01 EST 2003

Posted: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 7:02 ACST

The Northern Territory's saltwater crocodiles could be hunted for the first 
time since 1971 if a draft management plan is accepted.

The plan has been released by the Territory Parks and Wildlife Service.

The proposal would allow experienced safari operators to take clients into 
the wild to hunt trophy animals.
The suggestion is for 600 adult animals, including 25 animals more than four 
metres in length, to be taken from the wild each year. 

This number also includes crocodiles harvested for skin and flesh production 
and to boost farm numbers. 

With most of the hunting expected to take place on Aboriginal land, the plan 
identifies the opportunity for a financial windfall for the landowners. 

It suggests crocodiles hunted for trophies could be worth thousands of 

The plan emphasises all hunting would conform with a recognised code of 

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